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PTFE Products

We supply the longest lasting PTFE products through testing and analysis. We engineer our products to your specific application. ISU stocks PTFE belting, roll stock, and pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for next day delivery.

Custom Machined Parts

We manufacture custom machined parts for processing equipment. Through trialing, we guarantee our parts to meet or exceed your expectations at a reduced cost. Knowing your equipment allows us to recommend process improvements.

Thermoform Packaging

We provide custom gaskets, bushings, blades, shafts, etc., for thermoform packaging equipment. Our retrofit kits save your mechanics time and reduce PM’s performed on your machines.

Overwrap Packaging

We supply everything from seal bars, knives, holders, anvils, and mounting brackets, to cartridge heaters and springs. By improving release characteristics and increasing wear resistance, our parts enable you to run longer with less downtime.

Custom Conveyor Belts

Our fabrication shop allows us to provide immediate service for all of your belting needs. Through examining the application, we assist by increasing throughput, reducing downtime, and extending overall belt life.